Hey there, I'm Jennifer!

Hello and welcome! Iā€™m Jennifer, your personal mentor on this transformational journey to mastering restaurant bookkeeping and becoming an in-demand financial specialist. My love affair with the restaurant business started 25+ years ago in my humble hometown of Bellingham, WA. My early days were spent waiting tables at a local spot, an experience that paved the way for the road less traveled.Ā 

A Journey Across States and Skill Sets

At 24, my sense of adventure led me to the picturesque island of Maui. For four years, I worked in a beachside restaurant, climbing up the ranks to management. Here, I didn't just serve food; I served the business, learning the A to Z of operating a successful restaurantā€”including the essential art of in-house bookkeeping.

My next chapter took me to North Carolina, where I played a pivotal role in launching my dear friend's first restaurant. I put my management expertise to work, laying the foundation for a business that thrives to this day, two decades later.

Diving Deep into the Numbers

I eventually made my way to Los Angeles, the city that would shape my true calling. I joined a Restaurant Financial Management Company as an Account Manager (read: the go-to bookkeeper), working directly with a CPA for some of LA's culinary icons. During this time, my evenings were spent in accounting classes at Santa Monica College. I had found my true north: restaurant bookkeeping and accounting.


Entrepreneurial Spirit Unleashed

But my entrepreneurial spirit was restless. I briefly ventured into owning and operating a coffeehouse in Ashland, OR, with my family. My financial know-how was put to the test yet again, ensuring the coffeehouseā€™s enduring success.

Returning to LA, it became crystal clear: my calling was to bring my expertise on the road. From 2007 to late 2011, I operated as an independent bookkeeper specializing in LA's eclectic food scene, right out of my West LA apartmentā€”before "work-from-home" was even a thing.Ā 

Co-Founding Success: Well Done Books, Inc

Realizing the need for specialized financial services in the hospitality sector, I co-founded Well Done Books, Inc. in 2011. The firm, purely focused on the hospitality and restaurant niche, has blossomed into a thriving enterprise. Our team of passionate professionals delivers impeccable service to a range of satisfied clients.

Unlocking Profit: The Key to Simplified Restaurant Bookkeeping

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