Ditch your fear at the door and become the restaurant industry's go-to Bookkeeping Expert with our limited-time pre-sale offer!

Ditch your fear at the door and niche down as a restaurant bookkeeper and watch your business scale to $10K Months 

If you are ready to: 

  • Leverage your general bookkeeping skills into a highly focused area of expertise.
  • Have confidence in knowing exactly how to prospect and create leads for your restaurant bookkeeping business.
  • Tap into a red hot industry in desperate need of niche bookkeeping.
  • Finally, feel like you offer the most in-demand and specialized services to stand out and win clients.
  • Raise your rates and ditch the imposter syndrome knowing you have the expert knowledge that will help your clients businesses succeed.

Being a jack of all trades, and a master of none is hurting your bookkeeping business.


Let me know if this sounds familiar…

  • You are spending endless hours trying to find clients, but you have no idea where to even look.
  • You have general bookkeeping skills, but you can’t seem to set yourself apart and stand out.
  • You want to niche down, increase your income, and maximize your client list but you're lacking confidence in your offer and struggle to explain the value of your service.
  • You have a few clients from different industries, but you feel pulled in all directions trying to be an expert in everything.
  • You’re getting by, but you know some processes and systems could be streamlining your customer experience and reporting that you just don't have time to figure out.
  • You finally manage to book a call with a potential new client, but you are nervous about selling yourself and are underwhelmed by your proposal process.


The best marketing strategy is simply being really good at what you do…

It’s time to scale Up by niching Down

“Hang on! I don't know anything about restaurants?!”

You don't need to be a former hospitality worker or have owned your restaurant to be THE expert restaurant bookkeeper. I mean, it wouldn't hurt… but definitely not essential.

All restaurants sink or swim based on a few key metrics unique to the industry. When you take the time to analyze and understand these metrics from a bookkeeping perspective, you start to separate yourself from the general bookkeeping services others are offering and become a highly desirable person to work with.

Most mom-and-pop restaurants are doing the DIY approach and really struggle trying to understand the process. With the right expertise, you can confidently approach these clients with creative solutions, deep understanding, and completely turn their books around to help ensure they are thriving!

Imagine how it would feel to...
  • Be the go-to expert for all restaurant bookkeeping with a proven track record of financially successful clients.
  • Never worry about how or where to find clients.
  • Have the confidence to keep filling your sales funnel for 10k months.
  • Free up the time you spend thinking (overthinking) about multiple industry books, and feel like a true expert.


Restaurant Bookkeeping Bootcamp

An online course and group coaching program where you will learn exactly how to scale your business to make $10K a month as an expert in restaurant bookkeeping.


Ready to change your life and Build Your Legacy?


What's Included:


A comprehensive 8 Module Self Paced Course (Total Value $4,999)

This high-value program includes lifetime access to the trainings that walk you through the Restaraunt Bookkeeping Bootcamp framework with all the videos, downloads, and guides you need to support you on your learning path. It contains modules on:

  • Restaurant bookkeeping best practices
  • Common industry metrics and financial situations
  • Understanding software
  • Marketing
  • Setting up your business
  • Finding clients

… and lifetime access to our growing number of modules to come.


Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls (Total Value $2,999)

Join me each month for live group coaching and support.

can bring your questions and struggles to get solutions to
implement right away. These monthly group calls have been
instrumental to so many already.

And you can connect with other

restaurant bookkeepers and we can build a great community


#3 Private Facebook Group Access (Total Value $1,999)

Access the members-only Facebook group full of additional information, Q&A, and weekly live sessions to supplement learning and deepen opportunities for success.


You're also going to get access to:

BONUS! 1 -12+ Hours of recorded Live Group Coaching Calls.
with real time scenarios, struggles, and solutions. These calls have been so great for the students as we discuss all aspects of restaurant bookkeeping. (Total value - priceless)


Resources, Checklists, & More (Total Value $997)

Download and use instantly.

Take the guesswork out of everything from set up and monthly task checklists, cheatsheets, financial templates, and MORE.

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of over $10K,

but you can enroll today for a one-time investment of $1,297.

Enroll in Restaurant Bookkeeping Bootcamp today!
  • Instant access to the complete the Restaurant Bookkeeping Bootcamp Program (Value = $4,999)
  • Resources, Checklist, & More (Value = $997)
  • Private Facebook Group Access  (Value = $1,999)
Refund Policy - 100% full refund within 14 days of the date of purchase. However, once you are registered and have completed three modules of the course or have had a coaching call, you will not receive a refund for any reason.

Hey there, I'm Jennifer!

Hello and welcome! I’m Jennifer, your personal mentor on this transformational journey to mastering restaurant bookkeeping and becoming an in-demand financial specialist. My love affair with the restaurant business started 25+ years ago in my humble hometown of Bellingham, WA. My early days were spent waiting tables at a local spot, an experience that paved the way for the road less traveled. 

A Journey Across States and Skill Sets

At 24, my sense of adventure led me to the picturesque island of Maui. For four years, I worked in a beachside restaurant, climbing up the ranks to management. Here, I didn't just serve food; I served the business, learning the A to Z of operating a successful restaurant—including the essential art of in-house bookkeeping.

My next chapter took me to North Carolina, where I played a pivotal role in launching my dear friend's first restaurant. I put my management expertise to work, laying the foundation for a business that thrives to this day, two decades later.

Diving Deep into the Numbers

I eventually made my way to Los Angeles, the city that would shape my true calling. I joined a Restaurant Financial Management Company as an Account Manager (read: the go-to bookkeeper), working directly with a CPA for some of LA's culinary icons. During this time, my evenings were spent in accounting classes at Santa Monica College. I had found my true north: restaurant bookkeeping and accounting.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Unleashed

But my entrepreneurial spirit was restless. I briefly ventured into owning and operating a coffeehouse in Ashland, OR, with my family. My financial know-how was put to the test yet again, ensuring the coffeehouse’s enduring success.

Returning to LA, it became crystal clear: my calling was to bring my expertise on the road. From 2007 to late 2011, I operated as an independent bookkeeper specializing in LA's eclectic food scene, right out of my West LA apartment—before "work-from-home" was even a thing. 

Co-Founding Success: Well Done Books, Inc

Realizing the need for specialized financial services in the hospitality sector, I co-founded Well Done Books, Inc. in 2011. The firm, purely focused on the hospitality and restaurant niche, has blossomed into a thriving enterprise. Our team of passionate professionals delivers impeccable service to a range of satisfied clients.

Your Opportunity for Transformation Awaits!

Join me, and benefit from decades of experience, failures, and triumphs in the restaurant bookkeeping space. Learn the strategies that have not only served me but have also contributed to the financial success of multiple restaurants. Together, we'll turn your bookkeeping challenges into rewarding opportunities.


3 Payments



Pay in Full



“As an accountant and bookkeeper interested in learning how to be successful with Restaurant clients, I wasn’t sure exactly where to turn.  This sector is quite different from most other niches, and I simply didn’t know where to start.  I came across Jennifer’s Restaurant Bookkeeping Bootcamp, and I am so happy I joined.

Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge in this area, and her course is excellent and a must do if you are serious about Restaurant Bookkeeping.   This isn’t a theoretical class, it's very hands-on – exactly the type of things that you need to know to be successful.  Jennifer is excellent at explaining all the ins and outs that she learned as she became an expert in this area.  The course has everything you would need to learn to do well in this niche. 

I cannot recommend Restaurant Bookkeeping Bootcamp or Jennifer enough!” 

Alan Bramson

 "I purchased the full course a few weeks ago, and I wanted to thank you first of all, just to EXIST!

You answered so many of my questions through the course and even through the live coaching calls. Thank you also for sharing the excel spreadsheets (a dream coming true for me), I waited so long to have the chance to compare my work with somebody else!”

Vanessa M.

Amazing experience!

"Having recently completed a specialized bookkeeping course for restaurant bookkeepers, I'm excited to share how it transformed my practice. This concise program addressed crucial pain points like managing third-party apps and navigating payroll posting with clarity and precision.

The course provided practical strategies to seamlessly integrate third-party apps, optimizing efficiency and transparency in financial reporting for restaurant clients. It also offered in-depth insights into payroll processing specific to the industry, empowering me to handle complex tasks with confidence.

What truly sets this course apart is the expert guidance and support provided by Jennifer. She provided invaluable mentorship and personalized assistance throughout the program. From addressing specific challenges to offering strategic advice on client management her support has been instrumental in enhancing my skills, confidence, and credibility as a restaurant bookkeeper."

Nancy Nunez